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Photo Gallery

Seeing is believing, as that old adage goes. We believe in this, no matter how much of a cliche it may sound in this day and age of digital content. Although there is no real substitute for actually being at a project site, the next best thing to being at the sites of our past projects are photos of the work we have done for our clients. As well, if you’re a homeowner looking to have a pergola, pool or patio added or renovated, feel free to use what you see in these galleries as a starting point for your plans.

The photos and images in this photo gallery contain work designed and/or crafted wholly or in part by the professionals at County Wide Landscaping and Design. If you need to make use of a photo for discussion purposes with us, please take note of the photo’s label/caption and use it to refer to said photo. For other commercial or non-commercial purposes, it would be best to contact us and ask for permission first.

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